Christmas Gift Guide!

Leeloo has brand new Gift Guide categories in the online store to help make it easier for you to choose pressies! Featuring pieces by price means you can grab an exclusive, special, lovingly made, funky and original piece of design or art for your honey whilst keeping within budget! Check it out here. With the current rain making shopping so tricky and annoying, and Leeloo providing free gift wrapping, it makes it a no-brainer as to where to shop!

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

Design Island Special Industry Showcasing grants are open for Tasmanian citz of a creative nature. This funding from Arts Tasmania aims to “…..provide an opportunity for organisations and individuals to request funding to showcase innovative craft, design and architecture during Design Island in May 2008.” Head over to The Program web site for more details.

Thanks for all of the positive feedback regarding yesterdays post :-)


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